Marine Pumps & Motors

Spencer Marine International has established itself as a leading provider of pumps, motors, spares, and associated equipment to the marine and offshore market. With a diverse clientele comprising ship builders, ship managers, ship management companies, ship owners, and offshore rigs; our company has become synonymous with quality in this industry. As a result of our strong presence in the marine sector, our technical sales engineers possess unparalleled knowledge and expertise in this field.

Pumps are utilized in various applications across the entire ship. However, their significance is particularly in the engine room, where pumps play a vital role in delivering fuel and oil to the motors, as well as operating numerous lubricating and hydraulic pumps for different sets of machines. Additionally, these pumps also ensure the delivery of water for machine operation and cooling purposes.

Water supply and treatment are crucial areas, especially on cruise liners where the large number of passengers requires significantly higher quantities of water compared to freighters with smaller crews. However, even freighters have their own pump requirements for treating seawater, bilge water, wastewater, and ballast water. Tankers specifically need pumps for loading and unloading cargo as well as for fire protection. Pumps play a vital role in various tasks across different types of ships.

Applications in the Marine and Ship Building Industry


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